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"I’ll have another…"Saturday night pre game with the k&a traveller waxed and leather jacket. #khalidandaleks #hls #brickcity #brooklyn #menswear #nyc #weekend #originalstyle #drinks

Thanks #APC #denim #fashion #khalidandaleks #jeans #menswear #womenswear

Lampin. #khalidandaleks #adidas #green #menswear #atlanta

Black waxed cotton traveller jacket. Corozo and snap buttons. Leather elbow and shoulder patches. #khalidandaleks #leather #waxedcotton #menswear

Field jacket. Working on waxed traveller jacket now. Good looking out #xplorefreedom #khalidandaleks #menswear

The field jacket. This chamo and leather sleeve is limited but standard fabric and colorway is near….#khalidandaleks #leather #camouflage #menswear

Eats:  RedFarm.  The Review.

 This food is the business.  We ordered all small plates to get a sense of what we were dealing with and it might have been the second best decision (dining at RedFarm being the first) we made all night.  From the Black Truffle and Chicken Soup Dumplings, the Chicken, Asparagus and Garlic Rolls, the Soft and Crunchy Vegetable Fried Rice, the Kowloon Filet Mignon Tarts and the Caramel Rum Pineapple Upside Down Cake this place CANNOT lose.  Typically we don’t drink cocktails unless the bartender understands throwing two liquids together in a shaker doesn’t qualify as a “cocktail”.  We eyeballed the menu ordered the Le Club Hot (Silver Tequila, lime juice, agave nectar, jalapeno and mint), Shisho Cucumber Martini (Hendrick’s Gin, shiso, cucumber and lemon juice) and the Ginger Watermelon Rum Punch (Bacardi Rum, ginger liqueur and watermelon juice).  Winners.  Bottom line, go and check it out. 

Eats: Red Farm. Tomorrow Night.

"RedFarm is indeed groundbreaking: an interpretive Chinese kitchen whose high-end ingredients and whimsical plating have helped pack the dining room since opening night."  Well we shall see just how fresh it really is…stay tuned.  We were doing our daily browsing and came across this spot, obviously we havent been yet so we will step out and keep you all posted but I will say that the RedFarmMenu looks real tough.

Billy Reid and Wren: Suits and Free Whisky…

Every Thursday in March from 6-8pm, the staff at Billy Reid — who was named 2010 GQ “Best Menswear Designer in America” — will pair made-to-measure fittings…while The Wren’s neighborly barmen will pour cocktails like the Great Jones (Famous Grouse Scotch, maple syrup, bitters) and a Cruzan Rum and Chinotto Soda concoction called the Grown Up Rum and Coke.  Thanks Inside Hook

A little under the weather but this Ghanaian Afro-Beat, Funk Fusion is lifting the spirits like a mudder….thanks K. Frimpong and his Cubano Fiestas….rocking.

Robert Glasper Experiment - Afro Blue (Feat. Eryka Badu)

Robert Glasper. American Jazz Pianist who crosses genres like no other.  We’ve uploaded one of his many dope tracks from his newest offering off of Robert Glasper Experiment and we certainly hope you enjoy.   This cat has been on his grind for a minute and is most certainly on his way.  Please enjoy the offering.

KRS-One and Scott La Rock

One of our good friends passed this off to us and we found it so enlightening that we had to pass it on to the masses.  If you’re a fan of Boogie Down Productions you will appreciate this article…thanks XXL.  To go to the article see the “source” link below the photo.

Several weeks ago we crashed NBC studios because a couple fancy pants liked our fancy pants…to be continued….

Outfits and band themes vary greatly Just explain how they put this on dude.. Massive big rigs carry speakers and bars Just an example of a bar/food truck One of the many bands Not too young... and not too old to jump for Carnival

Carnival Monday and Tuesday.  Honestly, by the time its ready to jump (play mas[querade]) you’re running on fumes from all the fetes that you gotta dig deep and let the music, weather, drinks and fellow masqueraders carry you through.

If you know Soca then you know this track Trouble by Shal Marshall…plenty backside worked to dis big chune (tune)….serious……

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