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Outfits and band themes vary greatly Just explain how they put this on dude.. Massive big rigs carry speakers and bars Just an example of a bar/food truck One of the many bands Not too young... and not too old to jump for Carnival

Carnival Monday and Tuesday.  Honestly, by the time its ready to jump (play mas[querade]) you’re running on fumes from all the fetes that you gotta dig deep and let the music, weather, drinks and fellow masqueraders carry you through.

If you know Soca then you know this track Trouble by Shal Marshall…plenty backside worked to dis big chune (tune)….serious……

The definition of wining…

Thanks for the invite! sunnyside up breakfast party...4am-???? began night before at 8pm...this is 1pm recovering at 4pm...slept an hour or so

Apologies for not posting daily exploits of our Trinidadian trip but sleep deprivation from fetes and Carnival Monday and Tuesday has put us a little behind the eight ball.  We will be uploading new posts that will barely begin to tell the story of Carnival but we are positive that they will most certainly pique your interest.

  1. We actually took this photo Carnival Monday but it seemed appropriate to start with this one for our followers.
  2. Ok, we dropped the ball and failed to carry the camera to all the fetes (parties) and I for one certainly regret that because this photo doesnt really drive home the point how wild the Sunnyside Up Fete really is.  We had gone to a different fete the night before down on the bay around 8pm, left their around 1, went home for several hours AND then hit Sunnyside Up at 430am  What I loved about this fete was that it was literally a massive house party orchestrated by the neighborhood and some promoters.  Food was a go, drinks were a go and the Soca stars had us jumping to big tunes all day. We were a bit grouchy but once we unloaded from the van and the air hit us with the moon looking down on us and our cups of Johnnie Walker Blue Label we knew it was gonna be a good but long session….
  3. Bottom line, mugs of whisky for 7-8 hours straight will make anyone look like this…
  4. After Sunnyside we went to a bbq of a mutual friends to eat and sober up…we failed to meet the sobriety objective
  5. I cannot speak for everyone but I fell out poolside for about two hours and woke up next to a bunch of good folks who were retelling their own party exploits at different fetes.

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